Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Girls Got Issues

$500 worth of layby
$375 to pay off :/
How did it happen? Oh I'll tell you how it frackin happened! Stupid Saskia walked into Mount Lawley for the first time in about 2 months to look in Billie and Rose, a seriously gorgeous boutique full of lovely lovely lovely clothes. She just about creamed herself when she saw this gorgeous baby yellow, grey & cream dress hanging sweetly in a pile of colours and materials. She picked it up, the label read; "size 3" what the fuck is size 3? Well its aparently a big 10 small 12, oh yeah you better believe I took it straight to the change rooms! And yes, it looked perrrrrfect! Then an extremely good-looking shop worker managed to squeeze 4 more outfits into my changeroom. So in the end I came out with that gorgeous yellow dress & another black dress with oversized pockets with an "im too good to dance" feel about it, that, well quite frankly, I probably didnt need.

"The minimum layby you can put on that one is $125 okay miss?"
I had to change my underwear after that..

change your pants to this lovely website
its probably a love of mine, boys dressing like this is amazing, but I wouldn't want mine to rofl

Set foot into HarryHighPants some time, trust me its worth walking away from the skanky city into skanky Northbridge for!
259 William St
Northbridge 6003


Im going to leave you with my favourite T of all time
Yes I do own it, yes everyone loves it! Esp when they're drunk!
ciao, sexy pizza's!

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