Friday, November 7, 2008

It's you

This week has been a drag! A frackin draaag!
Im just ready for the weekend, and not because I'm actually going out, just so I can relax and take some time for myself! Ranting a little, but I dont actually care if your tuna tastes funny or if theres mold in your strawberries. And no, I won't give you a refund and I won't be nice to you because you're spitting in my face! Hahaa, ohhh a day in the life of a checkout chick.
Oh and no, I'm not some dumb bitch that can't understand what your saying because your salary is higher than mine! Im leaving Coles to study graphic design at tafe, and I plan on doing shit BIGGER THAN BIG!! So don't expect to see me there much after Feb.

On a lighter note, ONLY $175 to pay off!! YESSIR I'm so close to having my dream dresses! I can taste it! This weekend is a noshoww, but next weekend, I swear to god Im going to have a very very fucking messy couple of nights. I want vomit on my foot, and slightly in my hair, and I want mascara on my cheeks. I want a shoe to go missing

maybe maybe

hahahaha im going to leave you with this awesome 60's french magazine that aparently just ripped the shit out of people
check out the covers, slightly scary!


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