Sunday, November 2, 2008

Move For Me, I'll Move For You

So this weekend was eventful! It was actually the best! I didn't completely fuck myself over like I usually do! Oh wow feeling quite fresh. Saturday I worked 8:30 til 5:30, was actually quite fast and very cruisy. Went to the Queens with Cat on Saturday night, had a couple of beers and some free wedges! Was amazing, this guy was like serving us and we were so cruisy about it, I gave him a $20 and he came back with 2 $10's and was like "my shout guys, have a great night hey!"
Man I love nice people!

Went into the city today after a good 13 hours of sleep, was quite amazing! The weather was just beautiful! Thought about paying off some of that layby.. Never got around to it :|
Ahaaaa you know how it is when you have money and you want to buy LOTSSSS of magazines and fake tan?
Well I got the new Frankie and the new RUSSH so yeah Im pretty happy with that. Havnt read them yet coz I just got back from picking Mitch up from the train station, I love how cruisy he is about just chilling and not always having the attention on him. Complete opposites! Yet we work so well ahahaha!

Todays sky was waaaay prettier than Fridays gorgeous sunset!
Let me show you what I mean
My photos get sharpened and I enhance the colours ever so slightly, I never use photoshop :)

Love you all my faithful followers

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