Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Hands

Does anyone eat turkeys at christmas anymore?
Lol I found that on Vice.

Im actually looking through Andy Uprocks Gallery, I think its his site for Mooks, im not sure if its his or Mooks. Gosh, just so so unsure!
Andys got something good going right now
plastic cups;

Ohhh are you enjoying the playlist?
I thought, hmmm as you read I think you would like some easy listening!
I'm into a lot of dance as well, but I'd prefer you guys to not have your ears bleeding as you read this.

I feel the need to tell you all that the pill is making my boobs and butt absolutely huge, Im almost ready to say no to it hey. My skin is horrible, as is my hair :/
Im going to look disgusting for Stereosonic!
By the way, whos going?
I dont know if you need a blogger account to comment these posts, but I've had 190 or so profile views since I got this blog.. kind of know your lurking...
Leave me some love, lovers

This is what I plan to do now.

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