Wednesday, November 26, 2008

weekends together

The past two weekends have been kind of amazing!
I met my boyfriends bestfriend and he was probably the 3rd nicest guy I have ever talked to!
My boyfriend is perfect, I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am! We've been a little bit naughty lately, spending most of our time wasted in some club or at someones house coming down and feeling sorry for ourselves, but its alllllll good fun!
I never realized how much time we waste being angry or sad or just unhappy. Theres always a reason behind it. It can always be fixed or helped! HELP YOURSELF. I can't believe how much the world changes when you decide you want to leave that pessimistic person you were behind you and break out of your shell.

my hair looks kinda funny in this pic, I wish my camera had its flash.

So yeah theres lots to tell. The two dresses, no. I cant even begin to explain how sad I am about the whole situation. I cant wear them, they just dont suit me at allllll. I feel awkward and fat in them bothhh, maybe one day i'll starve myself and things will look brighter, but not for now. For now im happy being in love and fat ahahaha!

"you left a lovestain on my heart"

Im thinking of moving out soon, Im ready now, I have my licence and im going to study, things might get tough, but I want to rough it out, I want to experience new things, I want to feel something instead of being bored and comfy!

I dont care where I am, as long as I have someone close to my heart with me, to share this crazy experience.

You can find that artist here

Im hoping you're all still enjoying my blogs
I love you for reading this, Im sorry I toss those words around a lot but lately I have a lot of love.
Until next time


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