Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stole a Kiss Through Your Golden Locks

look at the kitten lol

Hello World!
Oh man just as I wrote that my stepdad came in with a little ramican full of apple pie and cream! yum, lucky me!
Ohhhh life is so so jolly
would you like to see why?

Sure you would ;)

Mitch bought me one as a christmas present, gosh im in soooo deep with that boy ^^
Crushin like craaaazy! We went to HAL today and I picked him out a gorgeous pair of kicks! They're adidas HighTops and the model was actually designed in 1981, god they're beautiful. All white and freshhhhh, with little bits of silver. If I was a boy the things I would wear *frothhh*
I couldnt find a picture but when I get them off layby I will defffff make him model them hahaha!

Mannnn just finished the apple pie, so so good!
So Im a little bit impatient lately, I bought a pair of American Apparel Shiny tights off their website.. Still havnt recieved my package and its been a week
Should I be getting nervousssss?!?!

Next on my list of things to buy is strappy gladiatorrr heels, because I already have the sweetest little pair of black steve madden gladzzzzz. Makes me so excited to be alive. Bahahaa people are probably like 'what is wrong with that girl?!'

Im gna leave you now. Sorry about my last blog, customers get me down sometimes. Hell gotta keep that wall up infront of them, I figured it out, act like you care, dont listen to a word they say. LOVE YOU COLESSSS

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